Algorithmic strategies to beat the markets

Traditional trading strategies are no match for today's volatile markets. Our algorithms are rigorously validated and constantly adapt to give you a trading edge.


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Trade algorithmic portfolios without the complexity

Spectral Alpha was built for traders like you who want to deploy algorithms but without the need for an unrealistic set of skills: data science, coding, dev-ops etc.

Our algorithms are developed, trained and validated using proprietary statistical workflows perfected over nearly a decade of professional industry experience.

Expand your trading horizons by watching multiple markets, timeframes and model types.

Whenever your combined position changes for a particular market, you'll get an SMS alert so that you never miss a trade.

SMS Alert


New Trade +1

Net Position +2

SMS Alert


New Trade -1

Net Position 3

SMS Alert


New Trade -1

Net Position -2

SMS Alert


New Trade +1

Net Position +3

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Unlock your trading edge with simple pricing

Explore historical performance for free. Upgrade to unlock open positions and realtime trade alerts.

Financial markets
Trained algorithms
New trade alerts

spectral alpha logoStarter

£49 /month

You’re new to trading but want to do it right. Get started with one market.

  • Unlock open positions for 1 market
  • Build a diverse portfolio
  • SMS alerts for position changes
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spectral alpha logoProfessional

£99 /month

You’ve been trading for a while and you want to improve returns with a diversified portfolio.

  • Unlock open positions for up to 3 markets
  • Combined portfolio reporting
  • SMS alerts for position changes
  • Priority support
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spectral alpha logoUnlimited

£199 /month

You want to achieve maximum diversification with substantial trading capital.

  • Unlock open positions for ALL markets
  • Improved risk adjusted returns
  • Weekly portfolio analysis
  • Monthly Q&A with Founder
  • Realtime, dedicated support
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Frequently asked questions

If you have anything else you want to ask contact us and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

What is Spectral Alpha?
Spectral Alpha is a tool to help you make better trading decisions. It comes with prebuilt algorithms that you can watch to build a diversified portfolio and get SMS alerts whenever there are new trades.
Are there any guarantees?
You are solely responsible for your trading account. Seek professional advice to understand the risk involved and whether they are appropriate for your account. Remember that the future is unpredictable so historical performance does not guarantee future results.
What markets are available?
Spectral Alpha algorithms are available for Energy, Metals, Forex, Equities and Crypto.
What are the premium features?
With a paid plan you will unlock the open positions for all the algorithms in your watched portfolio. You will also get SMS alerts whenever a new trade happens.
Is there a free option?
Yes, you can sign up to Spectral Alpha with just your email address and explore the historical performance of our prebuilt algorithms.
Do you accept refunds?
No, once you have paid the subscription fee, you will get access for the entire month. If you no longer want to continue, just cancel your plan.

Expand your trading horizon

See how building diverse algorithmic trading portfolios can help you beat the markets.